91% of International Students Love the UK Best!

A highly impressive 91% of international students are satisfied with their UK university experience according to research from Universities UK International.

The findings are based on the feedback of 137,000 students from five other competitor nations – the USA, Canada, Australia, Germany and the Netherlands – placing the UK at number one in the rankings.

For property investors, these results confirm how student accommodation remains a relatively safe bet. Due to the esteemed reputation of British educational institutions, as well as these positive surveys, foreign student numbers will always be high.

The UK’s Competitive Advantage 2017

A recent study from Universities UK International has shown that 91% of students loved their UK university experience.

Universities UK International (UUKi) regularly carry out studies on a wide range of university issues. They use data from the International Student Barometer which collects information from over 3 million students across the world.

This year’s report – titled the UK’s Competitive Advantage – highlights various factors that measure student experience. These include: arrival and orientation, learning environment, living standards and support services. The UK ranked highest across these four areas, an impressive feat and clear indication as to why so many foreign students come here every year.

As a result, 86% of international undergraduates are very likely to recommend their current place of study, a figure higher than the other five nations in the survey.

Students also take university league tables into account. The latest Times Higher Education World University rankings shows the UK has the most places in the European top 10.

Property Advantage

Demand for good student accommodation, and investment, has soared over the last decade.

Student property investment has soared in the past decade, with Savills’ expecting another £5 billion injection over the next academic year. This is mainly being ploughed into purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) – a robust asset class that has experienced unparalleled growth.

This can be put down to a shift in student attitudes, especially in relation to international students. They prefer the private yet communal nature of PBSA, combined with a whole host of modern amenities and high-speed broadband connection.

Parents also appreciate the secure nature of private apartments as opposed to residential homes with multiple occupants (HMO’s). PBSA flats have three layers of security, making it extremely hard for intruders to break into the building, let alone an individual flat.

In addition, the EU Referendum result has created a devalued currency, something foreign students have been quick to take advantage of. An undervalued pound means lower tuition fees and living costs, thus making our PBSA flats more affordable.

Investment Opportunity

While London is one of the more notable university areas, other great places to investment include Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds

The UK’s competitive advantage is dependent on the reputation and high quality of its universities. As the UUKi study shows, this is reflected with an extremely impressive foreign student satisfaction rate, placing the UK ahead of comparable nations.

A thriving social scene in notable university cities such as London, Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds also plays its part, as well as a rich sporting and musical heritage that foreign students appreciate.

In turn, property investors can be assured their investment will always generate interest, especially as international students tend to choose purpose-built student accommodation. For more information on student investment at Aspen Woolf, please get in touch today.

You can take a look at our current PBSA investment opportunities here.