Eldon Grove – a Liverpool Treasure Comes Back to Life

Eldon Grove Liverpool

People often say ‘if these walls could talk, what stories they’d tell’. Well that’s certainly true of Eldon Grove, the iconic Grade-II listed building located in Liverpool’s Vauxhall district.

The Vauxhall area is perhaps most famous for having the Scotland Road running through it. This historic stagecoach highway took travellers to and from Scotland, providing a key trade route between the north and south of the UK. The transient nature of the place attracted the wide variety of immigrants to the area. Scottish, Irish and Italian migrants all began to call it home.


Eldon Grove – a Liverpool Treasure Comes Back to Life Aspen Woolf
Over time this ever-growing population created a significant need for more housing. This led to the growth of slums in the area. Determined to improve the lives of their poorer residents, Liverpool city council set out to change this.

Eldon Grove was designed to be part of a labourers’ village, but with a vital difference; it would give people a sense of pride in themselves and their home. Officially opened by the Countess of Derby in 1912 it has half-timbered gables and large bay windows with a chocolate-box aesthetic echoing historic British design and giving the block a homely feel. In fact, Eldon Grove was deemed to be amongst the best pre-war social housing in the country, setting a new standard.


Eldon Grove – a Liverpool Treasure Comes Back to Life Aspen Woolf
Eldon Grove went on to become a much loved home for many, providing a vibrant community for locals. But in later decades, with new investment lacking, people began to move out and move on. Despite being granted Grade-II listed status, and having a second life as student accommodation, eventually Eldon Grove was abandoned all together, falling into an unfortunate state of dilapidation and disrepair.

Now, having seen the opportunity to restore these striking buildings to their former glory, Stonebase Construction Limited – part of the successful Eldonian Group Limited (EGL) – have begun to shape a new development around this local treasure. This massive project will involve the restoration of the existing structures, as well as the addition of three new blocks. The interiors will be modernised, whilst the exterior will be completely rejuvenated, paying respect to the stunning original architecture. There will be a mix of one, two and three bedroom apartments with parking also available.


Eldon Grove – a Liverpool Treasure Comes Back to Life Aspen Woolf
The new Eldon Grove is also designed to recreate the sense of community that existed for its former occupants. This includes resurrecting key elements from the original design, like the communal gardens and shared balcony areas. These will aim to encourage the new residents to meet, befriend neighbours, and really create a positive social community environment.

The importance placed on the social and affordability aspects of the development have meant that not only has the local council permitted the project, but are also some of its most enthusiastic backers. Local residents are among those excited about seeing Eldon Grove’s transformation taking place, with some saying: “It’s a beautiful building that deserves to be preserved and I’m delighted that something is happening to restore it.”

This new development looks set to have a lasting positive impact on the local community and economy, as well as providing a fantastic opportunity to investors looking to add a piece of history to their property portfolio.

If you are interested in securing an apartment, you can find out more about our Eldon Grove investment opportunity here.