About Leicester

Sitting on the edge of the National Forest, Leicester has a long and fascinating history.

The city is known as former hub of manufacturing for textiles, clothing and shoes, dating back to its part in the Industrial Revolution. The arrival of the railways, bringing Leicester into the national network, and the construction of the Grand Union Canal between London and Birmingham (which included a branch flowing into Leicester), both had a big impact on the city, enhancing its industrial capabilities.

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In modern times, Leicester’s economy – which is the largest in the East Midlands, with an estimated GVA of £15.3billion – is driven by a range of industries including engineering, retail and food. One of the biggest companies that has grown out of the city is Walker’s Crisps. The face of this popular brand is a ‘local boy done good’, sports personality Gary Lineker, who was a star player for England and Leicester City FC and now hosts the BBC’s Match of the Day. Leicester City FC themselves have gained worldwide acclaim recently thanks to their incredible underdog win of the Premier League in the 2015/2016 season!

Leicester has a range of famous names that have called the city home, from Graham Chapman of Monty Python notoriety to Sue Townsend, author of the popular Adrian Mole series of books. Richard and David Attenborough were also both schooled in the city.

But if you’re looking for someone of true historical significance, you can follow the trail of King Richard III, whose footprints are firmly in the city. In fact, Leicester is full of enriching, cultural experiences and exhibits. Take a tour of one of the city’s many historic churches, or, for something a little more modern, visit the award-winning National Space Centre.

Leicester is a city that is undergoing a great deal of regeneration and investment, such as the £6.5m project to restore and convert the historic Friars Mill into managed workspace.

With strong lifestyle and economic benefits, it’s not surprising that it’s a popular place to live. And although average asking prices are fairly in-line with national averages, rental yields, a growing population, it’s central location, and increasing capital appreciation still makes property in Leicester a worthwhile investment.

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