Liverpool: Why Invest in the Hollywood of the North?

As a property investor, it’s in your best interests to locate real estate within a region with a strong local economy and high growth potential. That’s why Liverpool should be high on your list when considering an investment – a city blessed with a rich cultural heritage, but with much to look forward to as well.

Regeneration Schemes

Liverpool has been subject to all sorts of development schemes since the turn of the century, a clear indication of investment confidence in the region.

The MIPIM UK, a distinguished real estate event attracting a host of business and property experts, will be attended by Liverpool City Region representatives to sell the North-West region. Promoting the event is Ellen Cutler, head of Invest Liverpool, who points out that:

“Liverpool has really come into its own in the last ten years, with developments like Liverpool One, the Arena and Convention Centre breathing new life and confidence into the city.

“This is a dynamic, accessible region with a brilliant world-class brand backed up by solid, significant investment that is driving forward growth across the region.”

There’s also the recent £40 million restoration of Lime Street, producing an impressive “facelift” for one of Liverpool’s main road links, and the government-backed £130 million Stanley Docks regeneration scheme.

Stanley Docks is part of a £130 million regeneration scheme.

Stanley Docks in Liverpool
Image credit: SPDP via Flickr

Furthermore, plans for the new £2 billion Knowledge Quarter are also picking up speed. The five year project is set to produce a world-class destination for science, technology and innovation specialists in the vicinity of Liverpool’s prominent educational institutions.

Life in the City

Although much is made about the city’s musical legacy and sporting achievements in years gone by, that doesn’t mean Liverpool is stuck in the past. There’s an eclectic range of activities for people of all interests to enjoy, aided by a vibrant nightlife and a social population.

Liverpool is full of important cultural history and still has an active culture scene and night life.

Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral
Image credit: Matthew Black via Flickr

The city has benefited from a thriving economy in many ways. For example, Liverpool has more people in employment than ever before and a healthy number of vacancies to boot. This is good news for the buy-to-let sector as workers are more likely to rent properties with a guaranteed income behind them.

Investment Opportunities

A stable local economy will see property increase in value and attract more people to the area, a trend likely to entice shrewd investors in the current climate.

This is all fuelled by a thriving buy-to-let sector and healthy student population, guaranteeing tenants year in, year out. As another bonus, Liverpool produces some of the highest rental yields in the country, helped by the fact house prices are lower here than the national average.

Hollywood Comparisons

The Liverpool Film Office, currently celebrating its 25th birthday, is enjoying a purple patch having recently hosted the box office film Florence Foster Jenkins, starring Hugh Grant and Meryl Streep.

Liverpool is the backdrop for a number of great films and television programmes.

Foyle’s War being filmed in Liverpool
Image credit: Beverley Goodwin via Flickr

Liverpool has become a draw for film companies due to its location-friendly scenery and cooperation from local businesses. As more film companies seek out Liverpool for their productions, this can only be good news for the city.

With increased investment and employment rates in the city, combined with relatively low house prices and a thriving buy-to-let sector, there are plenty of reasons to be choosing Liverpool – the Hollywood of the North – as your next investment venture.

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