Invest in Manchester’s New Thriving Urban Community

Throughout the decades, the north has always fallen behind the development seen in the south. However, fortunes are changing and now, the likes of Manchester are seeing a significant amount of investment, where new urban areas are appearing after regeneration. Despite already being considered one of the most influential cities in the UK, it still has a lot to offer when it comes to growth and development.

This is a massive positive for the North and now, Manchester has London in its sights when it comes to being the best place to live. In fact, Manchester has already been voted the 46th most liveable city in the world, putting it ahead of London. Therefore, perhaps now is the time for Manchester to pull away from the pack.

Extensive developments in recent years have allowed Manchester to flourish. One area that has seen redevelopment and is still undergoing redevelopment is the Northern Quarter. Therefore, it is fast becoming the next place to be and is certainly a place where investors might want to consider purchasing. In particular, developments such as Oxygen Towers provide a great opportunity for investors.

Why The Northern Quarter?

Perhaps the question to ask here is why not the Northern Quarter? Manchester is thriving. The population is growing and people are choosing to live there instead of the likes of London because of the opportunities available to them. In fact, the population of Manchester has grown by 23% in just shy of ten years and so, many of these people are seeking somewhere to live. This is where the Northern Quarter can really appeal to investors. As these new residents are seeking new urban communities within the inner-city. The reason for this is that they can access all that this amazing city has to offer such as restaurants, bars, shops, entertainment venues and even employment opportunities. For investors, there is still so much to gain from investing in this area of the city.

The last five years, in particular, have seen the biggest changes made to the Northern Quarter. This once, unwelcoming area of the city has been transformed into an area that is desirable and thriving. With new bars and cafes as well as restaurants, it provides a community and with developments such as Oxygen Towers, the area has a new appeal to it and it is clear to see why.

As it has moved through the regeneration stages, the final phase is in sight and this will put the Northern Quarter further on the map. An already desirable area is about to become even more desirable. The next area is located behind Shudehill station between Ancoats and the Green Quarter. With this will come more opportunities, an increase in demand and a desire from residents to live here.

Hilton Street Northern Quarter

Credit: Flickr

With simple access to the city centre and the surrounding area, there is a clear desire for people to live here. Developments such as Oxygen Towers have a certain charm to them and offer a modern standard of living that potential residents are seeking.

An Area With a Clear Vision

The Northern Quarter has undergone a significant amount of redevelopment. What makes it so different, however, is the fact that residents have been consulted throughout the process. Students from the Manchester School of Architecture have been coming up with designs and ideas of how existing buildings can be renovated, turning them into appealing buildings and public spaces.

This is an area that clearly has a lot of potential and if people thought that it had already reached its potential then it is time to think again.

The students have been analysing street and history while consulting with businesses and residents. This refreshing approach has brought with it a clear indication of what the Northern Quarter has to offer for investors in particular.

From green living to pedestrianisation and outdoor spaces, it has so much more to offer. Therefore, the demand to live in this area is going to increase significantly, bringing with it even more investment opportunities. Many of the proposals that were submitted were serious while others were put out there as a way of creating a debate to find out what people wanted.

The Potential Cannot Be Ignored

From transforming the NCP car park to making the area more pedestrian-friendly, the potential of the Northern Quarter is huge. Many people who want to live in these areas are now considerate about the environment. Therefore, green carparks and car-free zones all act as a positive when it comes to turning the area into an attractive prospect for residents and investors.

These communities are calling out for regeneration. They are calling out to be transformed and brought back to life. For too long, the areas have remained dilapidated, empty and tired looking and that means that the likes of Oxygen Towers are helping to transform and provide.

As Manchester continues to benefit from an influx of young professionals and families, it is urban areas such as the Northern Quarter that are going to benefit. The demand for high-quality housing and accommodation is what these people are looking for. Therefore, investment opportunities such as these cannot be missed.

There is no doubt that Manchester is becoming a thriving and vibrant city once again. For too long it has been in the shadow of the likes of London but now it has a modern appeal. With the introduction of HS2 and the growth of the Northern Powerhouse, these urban communities are a perfect opportunity for investors, which is why Oxygen Towers is an attractive prospect.