The 5 Top Zones Surrounding Liverpool’s Eldon Grove

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They say you can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep. The same can be said of the neighbourhoods within a region. And in the case for our historic Eldon Grove development in Liverpool, five zones surrounding the iconic building display the impressive scale of regeneration the city is undergoing.


The 5 Top Zones Surrounding Liverpool’s Eldon Grove Aspen Woolf

1. Liverpool Waters

Much of Liverpool’s docklands has lain derelict in recent years. But in a bid to turn this historic part of the city into a vibrant waterfront quarter, the Peel Group has planned a massive £5.5bn regeneration of the area. The new development will be laid over four sectors and will include 21m sq. ft of new commercial and residential units, making up four hotels and 23,000 apartments. Premier League team Everton FC are also hoping to build their new multi-million pound stadium in Bramley Dock, within sector A of the project. There is also talk of a monorail linking the area to Liverpool’s John Lennon Airport.

An enterprise zone has been created combining the Liverpool Waters and its sister project Wirral Waters. This large-scale project is sure to boost the local economy, with at least 17,000 full-time jobs being created from it.


The 5 Top Zones Surrounding Liverpool’s Eldon Grove Aspen Woolf

2. The Commercial District

Liverpool is a thriving creative city. It has a long history of hard-working industries and innovation. So it’s no surprise that today the city’s Commercial District is one of the strongest parts of the city. The financial heart of the city, the area is based around Old Hall Street and is home to a 60,000+ workforce drawn from the likes of the booming digital, leisure and legal sectors.

In the last 10 years or so there has been a myriad of building and redevelopment projects. The Commercial District is home to some of Liverpool’s most notable office buildings, including Liverpool’s tallest building, the West Tower, and New Hall Place, the city’s largest office building.

And in February 2016, Commercial District BID announced a 5 year plan to build on the success of the district, following a record breaking year for construction and office letting, with a £4million programme that includes projects such as a Superfast Broadband and free Wi-Fi scheme that would dramatically improve connectivity within the city.


The 5 Top Zones Surrounding Liverpool’s Eldon Grove Aspen Woolf

3. Liverpool ONE

The large shopping, residential and leisure complex known as Liverpool ONE turned 42 acres of underutilised land in the city centre into one the UK’s largest and most successful open air shopping centres.

Following £920million of investment, the massive complex was built, featuring 1.6 million sq. ft of retail space, restaurants, cafes and bars, a 14-screen multiplex cinema, a five-acre park, 600 new apartments, two hotels, offices and a transport interchange. The unique project was designed by more than 20 architects, giving each of its different sectors an individual look. In fact, the masterplan was so well received, it was nominated for the RIBA Stirling prize – the first time a masterplan (rather than a particular building) has received such an honour.

Since opening in 2008, it has helped Liverpool become one of the top 5 retail destinations in the UK. This in turn has provided a significant boost to tourism and the local economy.


The 5 Top Zones Surrounding Liverpool’s Eldon Grove Aspen Woolf

4. The Knowledge Quarter

Stretching from Upper Parliament Street in the south to Islington in the north, and from Grove Street and Low Hill in to the east to Renshaw Street in the west, the Knowledge Quarter is one the greatest contributors to Liverpool’s economy. This area of the city alone produces £1 billion in income per year – that’s 15% of the entire city’s GVA!

The institutions in this area provide full-time jobs for 14,000 and education for 60,000 individuals. Most notable amongst them are:

  • Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA)
  • Liverpool John Moores University
  • Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
  • The University of Liverpool
  • Liverpool Women’s Hospital
  • Royal Liverpool University Hospital
  • Liverpool Science Park
  • The National Oceanography Centre
  • Liverpool Cathedral
  • Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral
  • The Philharmonic Hall
  • The World Museum

In a bid to cement its Knowledge Quarter as one of the most successful in the UK, Liverpool has encouraged a lot of regeneration in the area over the last decade, including the £451 million renovation of Royal Liverpool University Hospital and the £1billion Paddington Village extension.


The 5 Top Zones Surrounding Liverpool’s Eldon Grove Aspen Woolf

5. Project Jennifer

Great Homer Street, in the Everton area of the city, is currently undergoing a £150 million regeneration scheme, known as Project Jennifer.
Along with a new 80,000 sq. ft District Centre, the development is designed to improve local roads, walkways and public spaces, and provide a number of new shops and homes. It will also house the famous ‘Greatie’ Market.

Named after the niece of the Auxiliary Bishop of Liverpool, Tom Williams, the venture aims to breathe new life into this prominent North Liverpool suburb. It is estimated that the project could bring up to 1000 new jobs to the local area, as well as enhancing the sense of community for residents.

With so much investment and innovation going on in this part of Liverpool, the city can expect to see a substantial rise in both economic and population growth, as well as a strengthening of its reputation as city of culture and potential.


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