The Best Cities in The UK to Live and Work

When you’re deciding on where best to invest your money into property, it’s useful to understand which areas of the UK are thriving.

Where there is work, there are people. Where there are people, there is always a need for more and better housing. To help you decide on the best place to invest your money, take a look at our top five cities in the UK, based on data from Glassdoor Town & City Score.

The list is constructed based on three factors: how simple it is for people to get a job, how affordable it is to live there and how satisfied people are in their jobs.


With a Glassdoor Town & City Score of 4.2/5, Slough is one of the most popular UK cities to live and work in. The city boasts one of the most successful economies in the UK, with very low unemployment (1.4%) and a high average wage.

It’s also home to one of the biggest trading estates in Europe, which consists of more than 400 companies. With easy and fast access to London, it’s perfect for people who need to travel for work.

The median salary in Slough is £35,000 and the home value is £390,654.

Manchester town hall in the UK


England’s second city comes in at number two with a score of 4/5. With a median salary of £23,998 and home value of £177,263, there’s a cheaper cost of living than in Slough.

As well as boasting a varied and long running sporting history, excellent music scene and impressive shopping, Manchester is a hub of digital and creative innovation.

With the second fastest growing economy in the country (second only to London) and a workforce of 1.4 million, Manchester is set to continue thriving for many years to come.


The city of Cambridge has the same score as Manchester, with a higher median base salary of £31,225. The median value of houses is much higher, however, at £455, 299.

Cambridge has been a technological centre for many years, due in part to its close connection with the scientific graduates pouring out of Cambridge University. It’s near to London and has affordable rents, relative to the capital, making it extremely popular in the past for property investment.


Just behind Cambridge and Manchester, Swindon has a combined score of 3.9/5. Its median salary is £31,000 and home value £248,514. With consistently low unemployment rates relative to the rest of the country, it’s one of the fastest growing cities in Europe.

Thanks to a particularly well organised road and rail system, Swindon is ideally placed for commuting to places like Reading, Bristol and Bath.


Stoke has the same combined score as Swindon, but with a median base salary of £21,000 and home value of £143,328. Found mid-way between Birmingham and Manchester, Stoke is in the area known as the ‘Potteries’ thanks to its industrial legacy. Now a centre for distribution centres and service industries, it’s a thriving city competing for the impressive City of Culture badge of honour for 2021.

So, while you may automatically be drawn towards London for ideal property investment, there are plenty of areas in the UK that are well worth considering.

Although Londoners report generally decent levels of job satisfaction, competition is notoriously fierce and it’s an incredibly expensive place to live with costs rising every year.

For places on this list, the combination of pleasant living environments, higher than average salaries and relatively lower costs of living, the quality of life in general is pleasantly increased.