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Ukraine Appeal

The conflict continues to escalate in Ukraine, putting millions of children and their families in immediate danger.

The people in Ukraine are facing unimaginable suffering. Families have been separated. People have been injured. Lives have been lost.

So far more than a million people have been forced to flee for safety with a total of 4 million people expected to be displaced due to the conflict. Homes have been destroyed and critical infrastructure such as health facilities, water supplies and schools have been damaged or destroyed.

Working with the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), a group of 15 charities, the UK government has announced a new charity fund to help Ukrainian refugees which promises to provide £20 million to match donations.

Every individual donation will effectively be doubled and will make a difference.

At Aspen Woolf, we have committed 10% of our service fees to the fund over the coming months.

How Can You Help?

Your donation will help provide people with essential items like food, water and warm clothing. It will go directly to support on the ground charity workers at the DEC, which is made up of 15 leading British charities, in neighbouring countries providing food, water, shelter and medical assistance.