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Investment Property for Sale in Bristol

If you're looking for an investment property for sale in Bristol, we have a wide range of options for you.

investment property for sale in bristol

Why invest in Bristol Property?

Bristol has been considered as a buy-to-let hotspot for a number of years. Which, consequently, affected the speedy growth of Bristol property prices. Nevertheless, this economic powerhouse is still one to keep in mind. 

Why? Regardless of the steep price points of certain properties, Bristol offers a great chance to capitalise on the highest demand for a rental property in the UK. But let’s get into the numbers:

  • Bristol property prices are expected to rise up to 20%! Not only that but this UK city continued to thrive despite Brexit and Covid-19. Currently, you’d be looking at:

Terraced properties- £373,116

Semi-detached- £399,045

Flats- £265,127

  • Businesses are flocking to Bristol- Recent years have seen a number of firms open offices and headquarters in this economic powerhouse. Also, Bristol boasts an employment rate 6% higher than the UK average. This increase in job openings and the economic growth itself, create a very alluring rental market for property investors.
  • Bristol rental property in high demand – Bristol is officially the city with the highest demand for rental property in the UK. Consequently, the rent prices grow twice as fast as the England average.
  • Thriving university town- as one of the most educated areas in the UK, Bristol invites a large number of students year after year. Interested in student investment properties in Bristol? Well, the city is waiting for you. It’s estimated that it will need an extra 6,400 student beds by 2028. Which is a great opportunity property investors shouldn’t ignore.
  • Continuous regeneration efforts- Considering the city’s admirable growth in recent years, the need for housing, infrastructure & transportation links is ever increasing. As a response, a number of investment projects are already underway, as well the offer of Bristol new builds for sale. Although it’s worth mentioning that the housing supply is still lacking compared to the demand. This peace of information will delight anyone looking for a property to let in Bristol. As is this rental demand will consequently push rent prices to rise.

property for sale in bristol uk

What to expect from Bristol investment properties?

Even though you’d have to pay a higher-than-average price, it’s still not too late to reap the benefits that an investment property in Bristol can bring. Especially if you take into consideration that the population is supposed to rise by 15% over the next 25 years.

For you as an investor this peace of info means low vacancy rates, ever-increasing rent prices and capital appreciation. All of which all goes in favour of proving that Bristol is a prime property investment location. 

Regardless of whether you’re looking to capitalise on the appreciation of your property or you’re looking for a property to let. Bristol can accommodate a wide range of property investment types quite successfully.

bristol new builds for sale

Who should invest in Bristol property?

Bristol is known as a “pricey but safe” investment market. So it’s a friendly option for both first-time investors and more experienced ones.

Having said that, let’s discuss what you should look for while searching for your Bristol property for sale. Especially when it comes to choosing your property investment type & location.

Bristol offers a diverse selection of housing stock. Considering the expected house price growth, it might be better to invest sooner rather than later. In order for you to find the perfect location, we’ll outline the top, highly profitable locations in the city you should check out.

  • Bristol City Centre

This area offers something for everyone. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a buy-to-let property or you’re interested in buying a student investment property in Bristol. It has undergone much regeneration, and is now considered a highly desirable area. 

You can expect around 4.2% in rental returns. Although, to get your hands on a piece of property in this Bristol postcode, you can expect to pay around £399,765.

  • Clifton and Redland

Clifton is considered as one of Bristol’s student property investment hotspots. Located to the west od the City Centre, it’s also a prestigious area. So, if you’re looking to invest in student properties, Bristol will award you with 3.54% in rental returns. On average a property for sale in Clifton, Bristol sells for £552,727.

Redland is showing substantial growth. It’s one of the best areas to invest in Bristol, with growth of 8.9% in 2021. With lots of green spaces and parks both students and the ever increasing workforce of Bristol are flocking to the area. 

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