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Investment Property for Sale- Burton on Trent

Looking to buy a property in Burton on Trent? Check out what this Historic market town has to offer & start investing with Aspen Woolf today!

Why invest in Burton On Trent property?

One of the first things to notice about Burton upon Trent is its easy accessibility. A quick drive down the A38 and just a couple of minutes from the turn-off, you’ve arrived. There’s plenty of reasonably priced car parking, a central railway station and the town centre is fairly compact. You’re immediately aware of Burton’s formidable history as the hub of the nation’s brewing industry.

Burton has interesting places to visit, some fine and tasteful independent shops, and an abundance of cafés and eateries. The excellent modern library at Riverside was a great source of information with very helpful staff. Burton is a straightforward, friendly town, and is all the better for it. On pulling into the car park a lady very kindly told me that one of the lights on my car wasn’t working – and that certainly doesn’t happen everywhere!

Burton upon Trent has a higher rate of home ownership, either outright or via a mortgage than the national average, which suggests that Burton upon Trent is a relatively affluent area.

Most impressive growth as highlighted by Rightmove on their top 10 locations with the sharpest rises. Burton has one of the fastest growing economies in the UK and has an ambitious regeneration program that will see its population grow by 26% by 2035 alone.

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