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Invest in
Bolton Property

Benefiting from the Manchester Ripple Effect, Bolton investment property is an affordable alternative with equally impressive growth.

Property for sale in Bolton

As a Property investor, you probably do not immediately think of Bolton, but this city has so much to offer, including a massive regeneration plan that will transform the town centre into a modern living place. This automatically means that there will be a lot of property for sale in Bolton.

Below is our advice on why you should invest in Bolton Property

The first and main reason is that the Masterplan is set to change the whole town by injecting a huge amount of resources in the town centre.

With this Masterplan, Bolton is undergoing a radical transformation, changing the nature of the city centre itself.

The Bolton Town Centre Masterplan will transform the current retail-focused centre into a residential area, introducing over 2,000 new homes.

Although retail space will be reduced, the plans incorporate a strategy to retain a small number of popular stores. There will also be an increased number of leisure and catering options for the influx of new residents.

Bolton’s population currently stands at around 280,000 and is projected to exceed 300,000 by 2025. Clearly, it’s all about growth in Bolton.

This should raise the value of Bolton property in the future, which will result in a big return on investment.

The second reason is because of his Geographical proximity to Manchester, only a 20-minute journey away. This means that Bolton is a perfect commuter town for those working in Manchester but who choose to avoid increasing costs. There are many people who work in Manchester and will be looking for a property for sale in Bolton.

The third reason is that Greater Manchester has launched its own Cultural Strategy, running from April 2019 to March 2024, bringing together the shared interests of all its ten districts. This focus on culture is a great sign that the area will go from strength to strength as it develops over the forthcoming years.

Major changes for the University of Bolton

This is the fourth and very important reason to invest in Bolton Property.

The University of Bolton is in the centre of Bolton and is one of the fastest-growing higher education institutions in the country. Bolton attracts more than 11,000 students every year from all over the world. And it’s also a major part of the town centre regeneration plans.

With the new regeneration plan, the city should have a lot of property for sale in Bolton, which will provide all the possibilities to be a great opportunity for young people who would like to stay in Bolton after their studies.

The fifth reason is that the overall average price for property in Bolton is £196,194 over the last year (according to the latest data), which means that the sold prices in Bolton over the last year were 16% up on the previous year.

This is a good opportunity for all property investors to take a chance in Bolton. We offer a wide selection of high-growth property for sale in Bolton
If you have questions, contact our property experts, we will be happy to help you.

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