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Investment Property for Sale in Bolton

Looking for an investment property for sale in Bolton? We can help you find the best deals on investment properties in Bolton.

bolton properties for sale

Should you Buy an Investment Property for Sale in Bolton?

Benefiting from the Manchester Ripple Effect, an Investment Property for Sale in Bolton would be an affordable alternative with equally impressive growth. As a city within the Greater Manchester area, Bolton property investment is considered to be stronger & more ambitious than almost anywhere else in the UK. Now let’s take a closer look at the Why behind the growth of the Bolton property market:

  • The predicted 3bn growth predicted for the next 15 years is attracting more young working professionals, which is, in turn, influencing the development of the property market in Bolton
  • Bolton’s economy is worth 66.4bn per anum, which means Bolton is the second-largest economy outside London
  • Bolton property prices are still far more affordable than those in London or even Manchester, even though Bolton is only 12 minutes away from it by rail. Not to mention, this also ensures better growth opportunities for investors.

Overall average price – £201,174

Terraced properties- £138,715 

Semi-detached properties -£193,793

Detached properties – £364,168

  • Bolton is undergoing a transformative time. A redevelopment and regeneration plan is underway. With a £1bn regeneration plan for Bolton’s city centre, property investors can count on significant and sustainable capital appreciation.
  • For those interested in buy-to-let properties for sale, Bolton offers some great rental yields you can look forward to. 
  • When it comes to rental demand, Bolton is definitely showing some impressive growth. The population has been increasing consistently over the last ten years and is not showing signs of slowing down. experts expect it to grow to 300,000 by 2043.

bolton properties for sale

Benefits of Investing in Property in Bolton?

With an undersupplied property market and growing population, there are very strong reasons to believe both the demand and prices for investment properties for sale in Bolton will continue to rise in the coming years.

Considering the majority of people moving to Bolton are young working professionals or students, a potentially very profitable niche has been created for investors. Those who invest in modern, high-quality Bolton properties can fully capitalise on this niche.

Now let’s look at the this more closely:

  • Over 15,000 new jobs should be created by 2024
  • Regeneration inviting more and more high-spending individuals 
  • Despite the upward trajectory, house prices are still relatively cheap and offer a good property investment opportunity in Bolton. Investors can expect gross yields of: 

4.1% in the Bolton BL1 

4.8% in BL2, 

5.4% in BL3,

4.9% in BL4, 

3.6% in BL5, 

4.3% in BL6 and 

4% in BL7

  • Key areas for growth across the town include: 
  1. retail, 
  2. tourism and leisure, 
  3. commercial and office space, 
  4. education, 
  5. residential and 
  6. travel infrastructure.

properties for sale bolton

Who should invest in Bolton properties?

Bolton is considered as a very attractive business hub which attracts young professionals, students and families looking for value for money housing and a town on the way up. 

Having said that, property investors who’re looking for properties for sale in Bolton should consider buy-to-let as their primary investment type.

With so much regeneration underway, it is unlikely that house prices for sale in Bolton will remain so relatively low for too long.

So check out our available Bolton property for sale, the Stone Cross House and make an inquiry today.

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