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A key city in the Northern Powerhouse, Sheffield investment property gets snapped up quick, and gets rented fast. Consistently a top performer.

Property for sale in Sheffield

At first glance, Sheffield is a fairly innocuous city and perhaps doesn’t have the glamour of some other northern cities like Leeds or Manchester. However, a population of 518,090 places it 6th in the UK (measured by Primary Urban Area), and an economic output of £31 billion per year makes it an important part of northern England’s output. Let’s go to take a closer look at what draws investors to this unique city to buy a property for sale in Sheffield.

Huge investments in infrastructure and regeneration completely transform Sheffield and it becomes a safe place to invest in properties.

The former steel town is credited with innovations such as the development of crucible and stainless steel, and yet thanks to its reputed 2 million trees, is also known as the greenest city in Europe. This backdrop has led to the city being the setting for films such as The Full Monty and The History Boys, and cult favourite The Princess Bride filmed several scenes in Sheffield.

Students account for about 10% of Sheffield’s population

Part of the attraction of the city of Sheffield is the fact that it is home to the two largest universities in the country (Sheffield University and Sheffield Hallam University). While those two universities have the capacity for more than 11,000 rooms, there are almost 50,000 full-time students that also need accommodation. This leads to high demand for private residential properties for rent, both in the city centre and in the suburbs.

Given the fact that 25% of students decide to stay in the city after their studies, it means that the idea of ​​investing in property for sale in Sheffield is very good and promising.

The city’s massive regeneration and revitalization projects are affecting investor confidence in investing in Sheffield

Building from massive growth in the 19th century, fuelled by its part in the industrial revolution, Sheffield is currently undergoing extensive regeneration, with a range of new investment projects rapidly changing the face of the city.

Thanks to the new development deal worth £150 million by insurance giant Legal & General, Sheffield will continue the revitalization of the City Centre. The agreement will contribute to the ‘West Bar Square’ development, which will create 350 ‘build to rent’ city centre apartments, a multi-story car park, Grade A office space, and a public square. The investment is being called the biggest ever private investment in a single-phase development in the city, and it underlines just how much confidence investors have in Sheffield’s future.

Strong transport links between Sheffield and major UK cities

The city has four airports within less than half an hour’s drive, helping to make it an easy transport hub for overseas as well. Lying adjacent to the M1, Sheffield is also directly linked to many cities and towns all over the UK, especially thanks to speedy direct train links to London.

Sheffield also has a diverse and thriving population that is increasing every year. Recently, there has been a marked increase in young people (between 20 and 24 years old), which further boosts the buy-to-let market. The current population in Sheffield is around 735.000, and in addition to people moving to the city for jobs, around 65,000 students also need to be housed at any one time. By 2039, Sheffield Council figures predict an increase of around 100,000, showing the need for long-term residential developments.

We can for sure say that investing in Sheffield property will give a huge return on investment in the future.
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