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There Are An Estimated 1.1m Female Landlords in the UK

When it comes to business, there are more women turning hard work into success than ever before. In decades gone by, women didn’t have the same financial goals as men nor did they have the opportunity but that is all changing. For example, research carried out just a few years ago found that over half of the UK’s entrepreneur business owners under the age of 35 were female. A shift had occurred and things had clearly changed. 

This is a promising shift in the right direction and proves that women have what it takes to be just as successful as men and in many cases, more successful. However, what is the landscape like for those women who are choosing to invest their money in property?

In the UK, property investment is one of the most popular forms of investment. In many cases, the risk is lower when compared to the likes of stocks or bonds. So, for those who have chosen to invest in the property market, they can benefit from superb yields, especially if they have chosen the right property in the right area. Cities such as Liverpool or Manchester is where some of the best investment opportunities can be found. Here potential female investors  can find a range of properties where they can see a return of as much as 8% on their investment. What’s more, there is a high demand for property while the areas appeal to a varied marker such as young professionals and students.

So, with these opportunities available, more women have shown an interest in investing in property. As it currently stands, it is estimated that around 1.1 million landlords in the UK are women. Therefore, there are now more women in the property industry than ever before. Not only are women investing but more and more are showing an interest in investing in property. This number has increased year on year and there are no signs that this is going to slow down any time soon. Why are so many women choosing to move into property investment?

The reality of the situation is that women are now more focused on finances than previous generations. Women are now given the opportunity to forge meaningful careers where they earn high wages and manage their money better. This greater control over their finances affords them better financial independence and that means that investment is a way of boosting their finances.


Women prefer long term, lower risk investments

In some cases, women also see investing in property as a way of closing the gap between the wages of men and women. In the UK, there is still an issue surrounding the gender pay gap with 78% of companies in the UK paying men more than women. Therefore, investing could be a serious option when it comes to plugging the gap. If they do this right, with the right research and understanding, property investment can become a full-time career. Perhaps women who are seeking a change in career could find that becoming a landlord full-time will give them the freedom and the financial stability that they would not get in any other job. To add to this, buy-to-let investments also require a number of skills and women might see this as a chance to improve on current skills or learn new ones. This can include financial planning, research and communication.

As far as investing goes, there are also several generational factors that have influenced the change in attitudes. Those women who were born in the 80s and the early 90s are now working more and earning more than previous generations. This has meant that there has been an increase in enquiries from those aged between 25 and 34. However, it is not just confined to women from the UK as more women from overseas are showing an interest. This includes countries such as China, The United Arab Emirates and many other countries. Now women all over the world are proving how they have the ability to invest and change the opinions of those who invest in property.

Even female investors and landlords who have been investing in the property market for decades are noticing a change. They have confirmed that there has been a shift in attitudes and now more women are showing an interest in investing in property. They are now choosing to take control of their future and increase their financial stability. More women are showing how savvy they can be when it comes to financial freedom and independence.

Women are now taking advantage of the potential of the property market. This is particularly true when it comes to buy-to-let investments in the UK, with cities such as Manchester and Liverpool proving to be an attractive prospect for investors. Many of these investments can prove to be a lucrative opportunity with impressive yields. There is also a high demand that is making it possible for them to make the right investments in the right areas where they can also benefit from capital growth. 

If you are looking to make an investment in property, whether you are male or female, our team are happy to guide you through the process. As a firm believer in equal opportunities, Aspen Woolf’s customer service is unparalleled and inclusive.