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Top 6 reasons to invest in Bolton

Why should you invest in Bolton?

You probably aren’t aware of it, but the unassuming commuter town of Bolton represents one of the best opportunities for investment in the UK. We’ve put together this list of the top reasons why you should invest in Bolton so you can learn about what makes the biggest town in the UK such an exciting proposition.

The Bolton Masterplan to invest

The Bolton Masterplan to invest

Let’s get straight to the bread and butter of why Bolton is set to be a winner for investors. The Bolton Town Centre Masterplan is a £1.2 Billion regeneration project aimed at transforming the current retail focused centre into a residential area, introducing over 2,000 new homes.

Although retail space will be reduced, the plans incorporate a strategy to retain a small number of popular stores including Primark, Marks and Spencer and Boots. There will also be an increased number of leisure and catering options for the influx of new residents.

We’ll post another article soon going into the specific details of this incredible project. The main thing to take away here is that Bolton is undergoing a radical transformation, changing the nature of the city centre itself. This new investment is added to an already existing £260m investment in Bolton’s public and private sectors, including a £48m rebuilding of the Interchange Transport Hub.

Bolton’s population currently stands at around 280,000 and is projected to exceed 300,000 by 2025. Clearly, it’s all about growth in Bolton.

Why not take a look at the Masterplan by which Bolton is growing for real estate investors?


Top 6 reasons to invest in Bolton

Bolton would never have become what it is today if it were not for Flemish textile weavers settling in the area thanks to the ideal climate conditions. The town went on to become a major player in the textile industry and branched out into a number of other industries during the Industrial Revolution. Even to this day Bolton retains much of its heritage by continuing to serve a number of industries including steel, construction, paper, and textiles. But that doesn’t mean Bolton has failed to modernise – many businesses working in IT and technology have moved into the town, and a recent £15 million project has connected Bolton to the world with high-performing Broadband internet.

The Logistics industry deserves a special mention here as Bolton is home to Logistics North, the biggest development of its kind in Northern England, serving international names including MBDA, Aldi, Lidl, Amazon and Whistl.

One key fact to consider when discussing the local economy is that Bolton is situated in Greater Manchester, the largest economy in the UK outside of London. By adding its own £4.6bn to Greater Manchester’s economic output, Bolton plays a major part in the regions success.

Proximity to Manchester

Proximity to Manchester

Another reason why investors consider Bolton is because of its Geographical proximity to Manchester; only a 20 minute journey away. This means that Bolton is a perfect commuter town for those working in Manchester but who choose to avoid increasing costs. Many professionals working in Manchester will be looking to capitalise on Bolton’s local investment we mentioned earlier by moving into the new residential developments currently under construction.

Of course, being near to Manchester also means residents are able to sample some of the best Culture in the North West…

Local Culture

Top 6 reasons to invest in Bolton Local Culture
Manchester is perhaps the biggest cultural hub outside of London, with a huge number of listed building, museums, galleries and theatres. Post-industrial wealth means it has been possible to convert industrial buildings into centres of cultural interest, from The Quays – now home to MediaCityUK, the largest media hub in Europe, to The Lowry, Manchester’s biggest cultural complex.

Greater Manchester has launched its own Cultural Strategy, running from April 2019 to March 2024, bringing together the shared interests of all its ten districts. This focus on culture is a great sign that the area will go from strength to strength as it develops over the forthcoming years.

Investing in Education

Top 6 reasons to invest in Bolton

Bolton has 97 primary schools, 18 secondary schools, 6 special schools, 3 further education colleges, 9 independent schools and 1 university in its catchment area.

Around 14,000 students attend the University of Bolton, and Bolton One is a new £31 million purpose-built campus housing a new sports complex as well as health, science and sports teaching and research facilities.

Manchester’s excellent University educates around 40,000 students at any one time, and is only a short commute away.

Transport in Bolton

Transport connections

Bolton is well connected by all means of transport, being only 20 miles from Manchester Airport, offering a connection to 190 destinations across the world.

The West Coast Mainline, First TransPennine Express and Northern Trains serve Bolton by rail.

The M6, M60 and M61 roads mean Bolton is easily accessible by car.

Final words

With more than a Billion pounds worth of investment pouring into the town over the next few years, combined with an excellent location in Greater Manchester, Bolton represents an excellent chance for investment. If you aren’t convinced by the above points, consider that Bolton’s house prices are 27% under the national average and have risen 25% over the last 5 years.

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