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Student Property Investment [Infographic]

With university applications at a record high this year, the appeal of studying and higher education in the UK, despite higher tuition fees, is stronger than ever. Coinciding with this, the total number of accepted applications is also at an all-time-high. From this information, it’s easy to conclude that the demand for student property is skyrocketing; making student property one of the hottest forms of investment on the UK market today.

A major factor in the need for student property is the incredible number of international students that come to study in the UK each year. Currently, we are the number one host country in the world for international students, who in total contribute a stunning £10 billion to our economy each year. It’s clear to see that if the right investments are made and the correct business decisions are made, there are huge opportunities for financial success in this sector.

Are you interested in property investment? If you haven’t considered investing in student property before then check out our extensive Student Property Investment Infographic below to find out the most essential statistics on the growth of university applications and the ensuing demand for student property investment!