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Best Property Investment Books for the UK Property Market

There are a few books out there that are more than worth their weight in gold for both budding and experienced investors. Written by some of our favourite property experts, we take a look at some of the best property investment books on the market right now, outlining what you can learn from them and why you should be reading them.

Property investing is a great channel to achieve stable and steady cash flow. But as with most things in life, fools rush in, and ensuring you have a good base of knowledge and continue to stay educated on the UK real estate market is essential for any property investor.

As you build your library of real estate investment books, the books in this list will help you navigate challenges and make the most of opportunities at every stage of your property investing journey. Delivering valuable insights, practical lessons and common pitfalls, they’re essential reads for investors that want to expand or develop their knowledge.

From books that provide an introduction to the basics of property investment, to those that provide more in-depth analysis on the current market, there is something to suit everyone.

No matter what your level of experience is, there is a book out there that will help you become a better investor. By regularly reading these books and staying up-to-date with the latest news and trends in the market, you can be confident that you’re making informed decisions when it comes to building your portfolio.

the book on flipping houses

The Book on Flipping Houses – J. Scott

Feel like quitting your 9-5 to flip houses? Real Estate expert and serial fixer and flipper J. Scott details everything you need to know about flipping houses. From how to find an investment to how to fit it up, sell it and walk away with profit, this book is a great guide to anyone considering flipping.

Rather than talking about the benefits of real estate investment, this property investment book offers a step-by-step guide on how to do it. Even if you don’t plan on flipping, this book is full of useful advice any investor can apply. Knowledge distilled inside its covers includes how to know what repairs need undertaking for the house you’re buying and how to estimate the cost, how to estimate the value of a house after you fix it up, and how to undertake due diligence to make sure you don’t get scammed by contractors.

It also provides useful information for experienced fixer-uppers who may be looking for new tips and tricks. With advice on how to market your flips, how to negotiate with buyers, and even how to get started with creative financing, you’ll find everything you need to know about flipping houses in this comprehensive guide.

Be sure to get hold of the revised edition which has been updated to reflect the ever-changing nature of the UK housing market. The book is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to get into flipping houses and make a good return on their investment.

the complete guide to property investment

Property Investment – How to Survive and Thrive in the New World of Buy to Let – Rob Dix

If you’re curious about investing in property but aren’t sure where to start, or want to get a better grip of the fundamentals, this is the book for you. The book offers a guide to the different property investment strategies in the UK and the options available to you based on your capital availability, mortgageability and financing strategies.

The book provides an in-depth look at the new world of buy to let, explaining what you need to do to be successful, including how to assess a property’s potential and value, how to structure your finances, and what strategies you can use to maximize your return. It also looks at the tax implications of investing in property and gives advice on the best ways to reduce your liabilities. With this knowledge, you can make informed decisions that will help you make more money from your investments and secure a better future for yourself.

It covers the property cycle, how to raise finances, scaling your portfolio and more, in a way that’s straightforward, inspiring and honest to help you to get on your way to becoming a property investor. It also offers guidance on how to stay ahead of the game and keep up with changes in the market. It’s full of valuable real world examples and advice that will help clue you up at every stage – from buying your first property right through to a successful exit.

the millionaire real estate investorThe Millionaire Real Estate Investor – Gary Keller

Akin to experiencing a few years of real world real-estate investment, this book is ideal for anyone looking to get into property investment and is full of advice for property investment beginners and what they can expect.

The first half of the book is about changing the way you think about money and investing – encouraging big goals, habits and big results. Keller gives a perspective on what’s possible and provides a solid framework and guide on what to look for and how not to get burnt.

You’re taken on a deep dive into the financial fundamentals of real estate investing illustrated using common real estate investment models. Offering a simple plan, clearly communicated through relevant anecdotes, one of the key things that separates this book from others is the amount of useful charts and graphs. The easy-to-read models clearly communicate investing concepts and the core ideas behind real estate investing.

It also provides a great refresher course for those already in the game. Keller provides the reader with a great understanding of the building blocks of real estate investing and how to use them to achieve success. He also provides sound advice on how to secure financing for your investments, something that is often seen as one of the biggest hurdles for new investors. With this book, you can be sure you’re getting reliable advice from an experienced investor.

“Think a million”, “Buy a million”, “Own a million”, “Receive a million”: this is a book that can save you a lot of time by taking a laser-focused approach to your investing.

the book on rental property investing

The Book on Rental Property Investing – Brandon Turner

An informative book that answers many questions about the nuts and bolts of real estate investment, it’s one you’re likely to keep on the shelf and pull out as a reference and guide whatever stage of property investment you’re at.

Turner is a big name in the real estate world and host of the BiggerPockets Podcast. Whether you’re a new or experienced investor, this book can help you build an achievable investment plan, find great deals, analyse the potential of a property, finance rentals and more. With examples on how to search for properties, how to fund them, tips on screening and managing tenants as well as everything in between, every chapter offers something useful.

While the book puts a focus on multi-family residential properties, the content covered in the book can be applied to investment in different types of property. Topics include common issues such as why many real estate investors fail and how you can avoid the same fate. Covering four investment strategies and detailing how you can implement them, as well as creative tips for finding great deals and flipping houses, this is a book to have on your shelf for sure.


rich dad poor dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter

First published in 1997, Rich Dad Poor Dad is worth taking the time to read for every real estate investor. The book parables highlight the contrast between two father figures – and how a person’s mental approach influences deal making and deal creation.

Focusing on tangible assets, such as real estate and small businesses, the messages in the book are extremely useful for investors. Rather than just being about money and strategies on how to invest, it’s about how we are taught to think about money and help to reprogram our mind into why we do what we do and how we weigh up opportunities and risks.

Compared to other property investment books, the overarching theme here emphasises using real estate to generate passive income, freeing up your time so you’re working smarter not harder and creating a portfolio that delivers consistent returns. Complex financial and economic cases are put into simple perspectives, making this a powerful but easy read that will help you apply better philosophy to your real estate investment.



strategic property investingStrategic Property Investment – Anna Claire Harper

A book for those keen to invest in UK residential property, this amazon best seller offers an informed summary of UK property investment in a way that’s readable while being in-depth enough to deliver plenty of value. While easy to read cover to cover, each chapter is a stand-alone section. With a clear list of takeaway tips at the end, making it ideal if you prefer to dip in and out.

With a rapidly changing market, investors know that old strategies aren’t good for today’s challenges. That’s why you need new approaches to grow your wealth profitably and safely. The first part of Strategic Property Investment delivers a detailed analysis of how the property market has changed and the second part covers what to do about those changes alongside a simple methodology the reader can use to ensure they take the right approach to their investments.

Offering a deep dive in the inner workings of the market, this book is suited for practically-minded investors that are ready to make a move on their next project. Through a number of frameworks and examples for both existing and property investors in the making, it will help you get to grips with which investment property strategies are best for you and the help you might need along the way.

how to be a landlordHow to be a Landlord  – Rob Dix

Out of our real estate books, this one covers the letting and management of a property you own, for a straightforward, step-by-step guide to everything that comes with being a landlord.

This book will help you get to grips with what a landlord has to have in place to be successful and what tenants expect and how to keep them happy. Covering a wealth of topics about letting a property out, find information on those all-important steps including preparing the property, advertising to tenants, conducting a viewing, completing the essential paperwork, how to manage the tenancy and how to deal with tough situations like evictions or emergency repairs.

Simple and accessible as well as packed with all the nitty-gritty details on more complex topics like regulations and legal responsibilities, this book is full of essential advice for any first-time or accidental landlord or those interested in professional property letting.

Being a landlord can be a great way to make some extra money, but there are some things you need to know before taking the plunge. That’s why How to be a Landlord is a must-read for anyone looking to get into property investing seriously.

multiple streams of property incomeMultiple Streams of Property Income – Rob Moore

Rob Moore has an easy-going writing style with easy to understand and follow advice. Multiple Streams of Property Income is a great book. I will fast-track your property investment business. And it’s also compelling for both newbies and more experienced investors.

The book details direct systems for business and guest chapters make key principles come to life as real people share their experiences from their property journeys. Case studies offer a reality check on common problems and the corresponding solutions provide a handy reference should you ever find yourself in the same predicament.

Full of different strategies, while not every one will appeal to you, the crux of the book comes down to this – it makes sense to have multiple streams of income from property and not just one. Don’t put all your proverbial real estate investment eggs into one real estate basket as no one knows what the future holds!

Rob encourages readers to think outside the box, consider alternative ways of generating income from property and to maximize profits. With his no-nonsense approach and practical solutions, he’s sure to inspire you to become a successful property investor.

property magic property investment bookProperty Investment Magic – Simon Zutshi

Property millionaire Simon Zutshi shows how to build a £1 million property portfolio and a £50,000 income in just 12 months. While the book makes bold claims, this updated edition includes a new chapter on property options, new case studies and content such as how to pay off your mortgage in 8-10 years, how to quickly assess whether a property will make positive cash flow and 5 questions to ask real estate agents to help them find the right property for you.

Spilling the property guru’s secrets, the book starts by covering the mentality needed to win at property investment, presents a wealth of case studies detailing the ways people have found success with different investment strategies and angles to finance property and more. Using the experiences of others, the book is ideal if you are looking to open your mind and gain new perspectives on the different possibilities available in property investment that you may not have considered.




Are property investment books worth reading?

property investment questions

While there’s plenty of information all over the internet when it comes to property investing, it’s well worth taking the traditional route and arming yourself with knowledge from books. Authors are extremely knowledgeable and experienced, which is a great way to learn the ins and outs of property investment. While many property investment webinars or property investment guides can be full of fluff, we’ve chosen the books in our list because we believe they are full of nuggets and definitely worth your time.

 These books will give you a great foundation in the world of property investment, and you can also use them as reference points throughout your journey. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned investor, having the right book when you’re stuck will make all the difference.

What books do investors recommend?

As you build your library of real estate investing books, the ones you choose will depend on your situation and where you think there are gaps in your knowledge. As well as books on the topic of property investment we think it’s well worth reading those about investment in general, particularly the philosophy of investment which can help you develop the right mindset to successful investing.

For those just starting out, ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ by Robert Kiyosaki is a great place to begin. Kiyosaki offers an alternative view of money and wealth that can be very useful in the early stages of your investing journey. Other popular titles you already saw above. All of these books offer valuable advice and real-world wisdom about investing in property.

Who are the best property investment authors?

The best property investment authors have real-world experience and have found success in the UK property industry themselves. Authors like Rob Dix, Brandon Turner are two of the UK’s most popular real estate authors.

They have written books that provide a comprehensive guide to the UK property market and provide readers with the knowledge and tools to become successful property investors. These authors have extensive experience in the industry and provide readers with comprehensive advice on how to become successful in real estate investing.


When it comes to real estate investment, knowledge is power, and we think these are some of the best property investment books out there. Whether you’re a first-time investor looking to deepen their knowledge, want insights into specific real estate topics like how to flip a property, want to gain insight into landlord strategies that will ensure you always have a steady stream of tenants or find little-known insights into securing the best properties so you always find a winner – these are the best property investment books for the UK market.