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With direct trains into London in 23 minutes, Luton investment property is become highly sought after by property investors.

Property for sale in Luton

Lying just 30 miles north of London, Luton is a key commuter town for the UK’s capital. Well-priced property, excellent transport links and a diverse community are making this large English town a popular choice for investors. Here’s why we think you should consider investing in property for sale in Luton.

With incoming investments over the past decade, people are beginning to think differently about Luton as a city suitable for property investments. Ideal for those looking for a London commuter property outside of the capital, the town is currently the most popular destination for first-time buyers in the UK.

Read on to find out why investing in Luton property is increasingly appealing

Luton is a town on London’s commuter belt boasting excellent road and rail links, the fifth busiest airport in the UK, great schools and an increasingly vibrant business environment. The town is ideally situated for getting into London for work and leisure. With a short 20-odd minute train ride from London, Luton is an ideal opportunity for everyone who wants to invest in cheaper property but still to be near the capital city. But with so much investment planned for Luton’s transport infrastructure, comes the promise of even greater lifestyle and business benefits.

The average property price in Luton is around £274.000, over the last twelve months, with a rise of 0.13% since 12 months ago.

Luton benefits from hosting one of London’s six international airports, London Luton Airport

With destinations across Europe, Africa, and Asia, Luton Airport is the fifth busiest in the UK, with over 17 million passengers passing through in 2019 (the last year without Covid 19 pandemic). The airport is the biggest source of jobs in the area, with EasyJet, Monarch, and TUI air travel companies all having their headquarters based in this town. The airport itself is currently the UK’s fastest-growing airport. Over the next 20 years, London Luton Airport will undergo a series of developments, increasing capacity and creating thousands of new jobs.

Home to the University of Bedfordshire, Luton’s student rental market presents property investors with the potential for strong returns

The university has a large campus in the centre of town and offers nearly 450 undergraduate and postgraduate courses to approximately 3,200 undergraduate, 1,700 postgraduate and 120 postgraduate research students coming from over 120 countries.

The university is feeling the benefit of the town’s wider regeneration and received a £46 million investment in a state-of-the-art library and a £37 million STEM building which opened in 2019. Luton currently suffers from a student accommodation gap, and students are increasingly seeking quality private accommodation that can meet their needs. Luton’s student demographic makes investing in student rental property an appealing prospect.

Good news for anyone looking to invest in Luton Property.

There are so many reasons to consider buying a property for sale in Luton. The mix of great schools, blossoming arts scene and the popular cultural event that is Luton Carnival make the town increasingly attractive to families and city workers alike. And with so much investment in the town, the council is aiming to continue to improve Luton’s livability factor.

All of these factors mean Luton is now becoming a fast favourite of savvy property investors, offering a stable income, great capital growth, and a fantastic return on investment. 
You can see on our website property for sale in Luton, and if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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