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Invest in
Liverpool Property

A world class, internationally recognised city that attracts over £1 billion a year in investment, Liverpool investment property can offer some impressive returns.

Why to invest in Liverpool property?

Liverpool is one of the most iconic cities in England. From its musical and sporting legacy to its famously proud community, Liverpool is a thriving city packed full of opportunity. And its future for property investment is bright, thanks to relatively high rental yields, relatively low house prices, and multiple regeneration development projects.

Walking through the streets, you’ll see stunning architecture from the 16th century right up to modern styles, displaying the rich history of the area. In fact, several areas of the city center became UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2004. With such a wide array of designs on display, Liverpool has become the most filmed location in the UK outside London. This former European Capital of Culture is also home to a buzzing music scene with a long history of famous bands, most notably The Beatles. With music being such an integral part of the city, Guinness World Records has named Liverpool the World Capital City of Pop.

These are only a few mentioned opportunities for property investment in Liverpool, and there are many more.

City center regeneration, a large student population, and a growing job market all combine to make Liverpool popular with investors. In recent years, it has bounced back from the decline suffered during the 1980s and is now a thriving cultural center of the north. Liverpool is also one of the most important cities within the Northern Powerhouse.

With traditionally low prices and a variety of new housing developments across the city, Liverpool’s property market is buoyant at the moment. There are many reasons why Liverpool offers such great value, of property, for both residents and investors. As is typical with much of the North, prices in the city are considerably more affordable than property in the south, particularly London – the average price over the last year being £145,349.

Whether you’re looking to visit, invest in a property, or live there, Liverpool has everything to offer with more on its way every year.

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