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9 Fascinating Facts About Huddersfield

Huddersfield is a quiet town in the Yorkshire countryside. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot going on there. Just how much do you know about one of Britain’s most historic market towns? Take a look at these 9 surprising facts about Huddersfield:


Rugby League

1. Literally the home of Rugby League

In 1895 the Northern Rugby Football Union, based in Huddersfield, split from England’s established Rugby Football Union following a payment dispute between the union and players from northern clubs. Through this new league, the sport evolved differently to the traditional Union version of the game, and thus Rugby League was born.


Harold Wilson

2. Famous former inhabitants

Huddersfield has been the birthplace of many notable British figures. Actors including James Mason, Jodie Whitaker and Zoe Lucker emanate from the town, as well as writer Simon Armitage and Premier League footballer Fraizer Campbell. But most prominent of these noteworthy figures is former Prime Minister Harold Wilson, who was born and grew up in Huddersfield.


dogs trust

3. Britain’s largest nodding dog

Commissioned by a charity called the Dogs Trust, KD Decoratives from the Lockwood area of Huddersfield, created an 11-foot-tall yellow nodding dog. Impressive, right?! The mechanical doggy initially sat outside the charities west London site before moving to guard their Leeds office.


yorkshire terrier

4. Another Famous Dog…

The town can also lay claim to being the place that beloved dog breed, the Yorkshire Terrier, originates from. A pooch named Huddersfield Ben is considered to be the progenitor.


sex pistols

5. Huddersfield, Rock City!

Top punk band the Sex Pistols played their last two British shows at Ivanhoe’s nightclub in Huddersfield, on Christmas Day 1977. This included a matinee for the children of striking firefighters. They then embarked on the fateful tour of the US that led to the bands break-up. Perhaps they should have stayed in Huddersfield!



6. A third of the population are students

Huddersfield has a population of approximately 120,000, of which roughly 40,000 are students. This is due to the range of top class higher education institutions, including Kirklees College and the award-winning University of Huddersfield. It has also created a high demand for student accommodation within the town.


side of victorian building

7. Historic and Charming

The town has a strong Victorian history as a textile manufacturing centre and market town. Many of its most historic properties are still standing, with over 200 listed buildings in and around the town centre.


St Georges Square in Huddersfield

8. Award Winning Railway Station

The railway station dates back to the 1850s and was described by Sir John Betjeman as ‘the most splendid station facade in England’. St Georges Square, in which the station sits, underwent a £4million restoration in 2009, winning an architectural award.


The LSD 3-wheel car, the rarest car in Britain

9. They built the rarest car in Britain!

After World War One, factories in the town built the LSD 3-wheel car. It is now commonly known as the rarest car in Britain and resides in the Tolson Historical Museum.

Although it may be tucked away in the tranquil Yorkshire countryside, Huddersfield has cultivated a fascinating history and continues to develop its intriguing and thoroughly British personality.


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